1st September 2017 graeme

Warriors Code Team Visits Las Vegas

In August 2017, the Warriors Code team travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada, to witness history being made at the year’s biggest sporting event: Mayweather Vs McGregor.

The team were given media access to the events leading up to and surrounding the fight, capturing the immense build up and atmosphere of such a large scale event.

In order to further understand the inner workings of the world of boxing and the unique mindset of those who take part, the team carried out interviews with some of the world’s most exciting up and coming boxers, as well as their trainers and other members of their team. These unscripted, uncensored accounts provide an insight into what it takes to be a fighter, the fearless, unforgiving attitude that must be adopted in order to perform in such a way on the world’s largest stage.

While on location, the team were able to capture the madness of the city of Las Vegas, the sheer number of fans that are drawn to the world of boxing and those who had travelled thousands of miles to bear witness what was promised to be an unforgettable experience.

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