5th January 2018 graeme

Final shoot for The Last Hope takes place in Milan

In December 2017, The Last Hope team visited Emergency’s head offices in Milan and were able to interview the organisation’s founder, Dr Gino Strada, along with other key members.

After arriving in Milan, the team were given a tour of their offices, gaining insight into the heart of Emergency and what it takes to run such a successful global humanitarian organisation. They were also able to showcase footage of The Last Hope from previous shoots to Emergency founder Gino Strada, allowing him to hear stories from various Emergency employees as they describe their passion for humanitarian work and their mission to create a better world.

Having explored the lives of the those doctors, nurses and other medical staff living away from home to complete a mission in one of Emergency’s projects in Iraq, Afghanistan or the coast of Libya, the crew now had the chance to find out more about the people who sent them there. By speaking to Gino Strada and Emergency’s new president, Rosella Miccio, the team were able to learn more about all of Emergency’s individual projects, each one with a different goal, all striving towards creating a sustainable environment where patients can receive the highest quality healthcare free of charge, or in Dr Strada’s words, their basic human right.

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