19th February 2018 graeme

Meet Dover Street Entertainment

At Dover Street Entertainment we believe that some stories need to be told. Working alongside industry-leading talent, we make television and film that tackle compelling issues head-on. But what makes us who we are? This blog will help you get to know us a little better.


Who is Dover Street Entertainment?

At Dover Street Entertainment we value creativity and are dedicated to bringing compelling stories to life. We believe that it is important to tackle current issues through the medium of film and television.

If a story is worth telling, we will tell it.


How did Dover Street Entertainment begin?

Dover Street Entertainment was founded by producers Graeme A Scott and Kathy A LoPrimo.

Graeme’s background in music and film, and Kathy’s experience as a writer, coupled with their shared passion of storytelling, make them the perfect creative team to head up a production company that tells compelling stories.


What sets Dover Street Entertainment apart from other production companies?

We are passionate about sharing the enthusiasm of storytellers through the mediums of film and television.

We shine a light on current issues, and our projects tackle fundamental issues that will resonate in our society for years to come.


What does the future hold for Dover Street Entertainment?

Dover Street Entertainment currently has many projects on the slate, from television dramas and black comedies, to feature films and docu-dramas – Dover Street Entertainment will continue telling the story makers’ stories.

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